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[:en]Today Tanzania like the rest of the world is dealing with one of the biggest national challenges, Unemployment. The number of youth searching for employment is at it’s peak. With several measures taken by the Government to tackle the issue has not made a dent to the problem.

As many youth graduates every year, the number of employments generated by the Government as well as private sector  does not even begin to cover a quarter of the required jobs. The only solution is by enabling youth to start their own businesses that is, self-employment. But starting your own business comes with it’s own set of challenges including Capital and Marketing. Challenges few can handle, thus a new creative way of tackling the rate of unemployment was required, and that is where Ajiras comes in.

So, What is Ajiras?

Well, to put it simply, Ajiras is a service marketplace where using your knowledge, skills and hobbies you can sell services to users. It’s more of freelancing platform. A person can register to the site, create, describe and price the services they can provide.

Ajiras allows different kind of services to be offered in the platform. Services can range from consultation, audit, graphic designing to delivery, cooking, painting, training, so on and so forth. This allows professions and non profession to be able to use Ajiras for self employment.

If you take a minute and ask yourself the question, based on your knowledge, education and skills, what services can you offer? Are you a lawyer, an accountant, Engineer maybe, or a painter? What ever you are, there is a service you can sell and there are definitely people looking forward to buy the service you are selling.

“It’s time to value the knowledge and skills you have”

How can Ajiras helps?

1. Become your own boss

If you have ever thought of starting your own business, then you know it’s not of a faint heart and not something you can decide in the evening and start in the morning. A lot of investment is required, more often than not, if you are employed you will need to quit your day job,  find a good location to rent, not to mention renting money, operational cost, marketing and of course it comes with a luggage full of risks.

With Ajiras, no need of renting space, no marketing team either we take care of that and you definitely don’t need to quit your job. Starting your own business is as simple as registering to the site, post your services (jobs) and you are done. Ajiras also provide an inbuilt messaging system and mobile app for potential clients to get in touch with you.

Example a B.Com. Graduate or student can provide accounting services to businesses, Prepare  Business Plans, proposals or tender document. Graphic Designer can offer logo services, business cards and even photo editing. People can also offer consultation services, advice and training.

It’s worth to know that Ajiras is for all kind of services includes cooking to home events, plumbing, electrician, field leveling with bulldozers, land survey, tuition, presentations and so on.

2. Extra Earning

Being employed is good, you know, an almost guaranteed monthly salary plus bonuses in some companies, what’s not to like? Well, salary also comes with another guarantee, it’s never enough. Considering what seems to be a forever rising of cost of living on all that comes with employment like transportation an employee is left in some cases with nothing to move forward in life.

Ajiras is designed in such a way that you can remain employed and still sell services online. With the ability to set your own working hours and services you can provide services on weekends or after office hours. Best of all, you can do it from anywhere. This will allow you to earn extra income by literary provide any service.

If you are an accountant, auditor or whatever you do at your current job, you can provide those same service online or over the weekend. The best part is, you decide your own price.

Whenever and wherever you want to work Ajiras has no problem.

3. Secure Payment

One of the biggest and oldest challenge in business is secure payment. Trusting that the service you pay for will be delivered on time and as per your requirement. Vice-versa is also true, trusting after delivering the service you will be paid on time is rear.

Ajiras has a state of the art system to ensure both sides (sellers and buyers) are free of payment worries. We provide a functionality which assures buyers that the service will be done or money will be returned, the same for Sellers, once you receive an order, the full payment amount is online waiting for you to deliver the work.

Whether you are a freelancer, Business owner, company or a buyer, Ajiras is the best place to conduct transaction.

4. Service Availability!

What do you do when your phone or computer starts acting up? Where do you look for land surveyor? or a Cook for your party? a wedding planner? graphic/website designer? Rather than going across the city looking for service providers, why not let them come to you? As a buyer, you will no longer need to spend a lot of time and money looking for service providers.

With Ajiras, you can order any service save time and have a peace of mind as your job is done or money back guarantee.

5. Work from Anywhere

Work from home, office, client location, bar (teh teh teh), anywhere. It doesn’t matter. Anywhere and Everywhere. Publish the service(s) you will be providing, sit back and wait for the orders to pour in. You even get dozens of people marketing your service for free.

Ajiras has also a feature to tell your clients your overbooked or are in vacation. That way, you will pause receive of orders until your are ready. You can even tell buyers that the service requires a meet for more details. Check out the list of features available for you.


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