Blog designer.


Hi everyone,

Anybody in here know or is an affordable and skilled blog creator based in Dar Es Salaam?

I am an up and coming blogger with already her own domain and hosting but would like help in the logo designing, layout, content creating and even constructive feedback of what theme would be appealing for a beginner like me. Someone with an eye for creativity would be a good plus, not just skillful.

Not in a rush to have it finalized soon (hoping for a 3 week’s process) cause I’m as a perfectionist, want to take it slow and have a back + forth communication with editorial Incase I am not as pleased with my first choice.

Thanks! :)

Budget: 70,000TZS - 180,000TZS
Delivery: 30 days
Tags: Blogger, Creatives, designs
Start date: 10/05/2019
End date: 31/05/2019

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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